Study Confirms it! Cataract Surgery At Wolf Eye Associates Is Far Safer Than Elsewhere!

Back in 1990 Dr Wolf had some reservations about the safety of conventional cataract surgery in which a miniature automated  “jack hammer” is introduced into the eye to break up the hardened cloudy lens (the cataract) and then suck the pieces out of the eye. This instrument could at times strike other portions of the interior of the eye causing severe complications .  To solve this problem Dr. Wolf  began  modifying a little used technique for cataract surgery in which the jack hammer is completely eliminated from the surgical procedure. Instead the cataract is reduced to smaller  pieces with simple mechanical instruments which offer  far greater control and  dramatically reduce complications. With some refinements Dr Wolf decided that the results were so good that he abandoned the conventional technique and has performed his newer technique known as Phacotrisection from the early 1990’s until the present time. He has published articles on the technique and  has been invited to lecture on his technique worldwide. He’s traveled to places as far away as India, China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Latvia, and Bulgaria. Somewhat closer lecture sights have included Peru, Honduras, Cuba, and multiple US lecture sights as well.. Additionally eye surgeons from locations such as Nigeria, Mexico, and Turkey have traveled to Lewiston to observe Dr. Wolf perform his technique and learn from him.

Recently, Dr. Wolf undertook a study to document the relative complication rates between his technique and the conventional cataract surgery procedure. The study was published nationally. Dr. Wolf looked at the four  major complications associated with cataract surgery in his last 3873 cases and compared them with the nationally published data for conventional  surgery. The results showed convincingly the superiority of the Wolf technique in that the complication rate of the Wolf technique was only 1/6th  that of the conventional technique. Viewed somewhat differently,  with Dr. Wolf’s technique for every cataract surgery complication at Wolf Eye Associates one would expect 6 complications with cataract surgery performed elsewhere using the conventional technique!     

Recently, attempts to improve the safety of conventional cataract surgery through use of a laser to perform some of the more difficult steps of that procedure have been introduced. While this should reduce the complications somewhat, the “jackhammer in the eye” still poses risks which are not eliminated with the laser.  Additionally, the laser is quite expensive and the patient is obliged to pay several thousand dollars above and beyond what insurance pays to have surgery with this technique. 

Overall, the Wolf technique provides the safest and least expensive method of cataract removal available today. Additionally, having the surgery performed at the Wolf  Eye Ambulatory Surgery Center  reduces the patient co pay by about 2/3 as compared to the hospital co pay. This saves  the patient close to $1200 of out of pocket expenses  when both eyes have been operated on!

 It’s a win / win for the cataract surgery patient at Wolf Eye Associates.